Karaoke has been in great demand since recent times. It is always exciting to sing your favourite tracks with the lyrics and music supporting you. Singing through a microphone can actually help you record your own singing and transfer these well sand songs into a USB or CD. Do you know you can actually turn your laptop to a karaoke machine?

Usually, when you go to buy karaoke machines these will charge you a bomb! Thus, most people try to turn their laptop for two other major reasons too; It is easy to upgrade and portable to carry anywhere. Learn easy steps on https://www.karaokemachineguides.com turn your laptop into karaoke system.

In this short guide, we will help you to understand the steps on how you can turn you laptop to a music player and that too in the karaoke form!

How do I turn my laptop into a karaoke machine?

  1. Download the Karaoke Software:

You will need to find some good Karaoke software online and most of these are free to download. If you got for the paid ones, these are great as these come with added features. Try comparing all the better ones and check how these are.

  1. Explore the software:

Once you have selected the right software, download it, and explore it. Open the installed software, go through all the features, check the list of songs, and also check if you have an option to record your own voice too. Many paid karaoke software have this option.

  1. Get a USB:

You need to buy one more thing either online or from the vendor. Get a USB sound card for your laptop. You would need to transfer your song somewhere on the USB while singing.

  1. Get other accessories:

There are few more accessories such as a microphone and a cable that are essential to buy. Also get a bass amplifier set. Once you have everything in place, you need to connect your microphone to the bass amplifier with the help of a connecting cable. Adjust the sound and do some test on the same.

  1. Connection:laptop into karaoke

Now is the time to connect the USB sound card to your laptop before you begin. Open the sound devices by clicking right mouse and go to playback devices. You may adjust the volume and also connect the stereo system to your laptop.

  1. Connect with TV:

You would need a RGB cable to build connection between your TV and laptop. Have some patience to see the laptop display on your large TV screen.

  1. Play the song:

Play the song and test if the sound and picture quality are all coming out well. You certainly don’t wish to be embarrassed in front of your family or guests during the party. So, it would always be wise to check the picture quality and sound beforehand.

  1. Time to sing!

After all the steps have taken place, it is time to connect your microphone and record your karaoke music. We are sure you have a great collection and are all set to make the world know your karaoke skills through your laptop.

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